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About The Stratosphere Gallery



The Stratosphere Gallery will serve as a bridge between science and culture. Its vision is to increase physical and conceptual accessibility to previously unattained and unexplored areas. Its mission is to transform Earth’s Stratosphere into an exhibition gallery where contemporary artworks will be physically exhibited and brought back to Earth in the Stratosphere Gallery as an immersive 360-degree installation.

Premiere Film Viewing at BIAFF - Batumi International Art House Film Festival


We kindly invite you to view the Premiere of The Opening of The Stratosphere Gallery at the Batumi International Art House Film Festival in September 2021. ​ The Opening of The Stratosphere Gallery is a short film regarding  an art project that takes place above Earth in the international airspace.


The film depicts the making of the project that tells a story of inspirational individuals that literary take matters out of the box. ​ To view the breathtaking footage of the Earth, to witness the opening of the stratosphere gallery and its first exhibition of a series of 8 artworks by Romanoz, visit BIAFF in September 2021.




On October the 5th, The Stratosphere Gallery will officially open and begin the one year of stratosphere exhibition series.  The Grand Opening exhibition will feature 8 paintings of Romanoz that were sent to and recovered from the Stratosphere on August the 29th.

holoseum 1 floor.jpg

The exhibition will open at Holoseum, where the entire exhibition space will be transformed into an immersive Stratosphere instalation.  The exhibition will feature the actual material recovered from the Stratosphere in parallel with animations, photographs, prints and other audio/visual elements that will enhance the Stratospheric experience at the exhibition. 

holoseum 5.jpg

The physical gallery will last for two weeks at the Holoseum, after which the gallery will be exhibited online for international audiences. 

Sponsor Package

General Sponsorship of The Grand Opening


- Brand representative introduction speech at the Grand Opening event;

- Brand Logomark among the exhibition as a form of a printed large-scale banner;

- Logomark graphic animation pop-Up throughout the exhibition on main screens and projections;

- Logomark and mention of the brand in the social media marketing materials ( pre-event marketing and post-event marketing);

- Mention of the Brand in parallel to all Opening Event activities;

Baloon Burst 2.png

Sponsor Package

Short Documentary and Brand Placement


- Brand Placement in the short Documentary featuring  the Grand Opening of The Stratosphere Gallery.  

Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 14.09.32.png

Sponsor Package

Brand Logo on the


- Brand Logomark will be place on the for 4 months.

Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 14.07.31.png

Sponsor Package

Mention Of The Brand On All Grand Opening Related Activities and Promotional Materials


- Brand Logomark will be attached to all materials used within the Grand Opening for 16 weeks.

Contact Information

09 Paolo Iashvili st.

Tbilisi, Georgia.

Tel: +995 593 69 41 65

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